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Recently I attended a talk by this speaker called Brian Ling; he is the design director of the Design Sojourn group ( The topic of his speech revolved around these 2 words: design thinking.

I have to admit for a young designer like me it was hard for me to understand fully what he was trying to convey (maybe I would need to do more reading), but to me it was a refreshing concept, even though I remember doing a book write up on design thinking (Design thinking - Understanding how designers think and work by Nigel Cross) during my tertiary years, I did not truly grasp the idea of it. As I start to read more about it, I realize how relevant it can be in our everyday lives.

What is design thinking?

Design thinking means that you try to find solutions to an existing problem; you consider each and every solution a viable one, without judging them in the early phases of the process.  To solve a problem without using fixed solutions, find the core of the problem, and fix it logically with a creative solution. Basically it means to be creative, deep and reasonable in your problem solving. Design thinking largely revolves around the user about how the user would want this solution, how would the user implement this solution.

Why design thinking?

It is a way to have an answer to improved results as compared to a solution to the similar problem. Contrary to popular belief, design thinking is not a designer thing whereby it is practiced only by designers. Anyone can carry out design thinking in their environment, it does not require a specific skill set to master design thinking. There has been design thinking models circulating around the internet showing people how to go about kick starting design thinking. Below is some of the popular design thinking models in the internet:

Divergent, convergent thinking

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User Model

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Although there are many design thinking models that helps with design thinking, the ultimate aim of each model is simply to make the solution yield a better result that what is already out there.

As said earlier, design thinking focuses a lot on the user group because it is the core of every scenario. Any problems, praises, critiques, experiences are derived from the users. Know the user, know your solution.

Personal view on design thinking

Design thinking applies to all of us; we all want a better solution to a problem that has been bugging us from time to time. Design thinking might just the way to kick start a solution for better living.

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